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Membership Information

According the Wong Kong Har Tong bylaws dated September 24, 2022, eligibility requirements are as follows:


1.  Any person with the surname of Wong, otherwise Romanized as Huang,  Hwang, or Hwong or any other dialectical form of the Chinese character 黃 and is of good moral character may be eligible for membership;

2.  Any person with bloodline of Wong 黃 within four (4) generations. Applicant is generation one (1) ;

3.  Any person who is a spouse of a present member (1 and 2 above).

With a WKHT current member sponsorship, submit an application with the $10 membership due and $5 activity fee.  The membership committee will submit application to the Executive Board for approval or disapproval.  Upon approval, your membership will be ratified at the General Membership meeting.

Annual Activity Fee

The Annual Activity Renewal form and  $5 per member activity fee are due by December 31st of each year for an existing member or at the time of submitting an initial membership application for a new member.  Renewals begin in November and must be received by January 1st to qualify for Installation Luncheon attendance.

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